Watching movie is a great entertainment that you are always enjoy to spend time with your partners or even yourself. But beside of cushioned chair in the cinema, there are many awesome cinemas that you ever want to watch in it for once in a lifetime. 1. Velvet Class, Blitz Megaplex Pacific Place, Indonesia Special hall called Velvet Class by Blitz Megaplex, one of the biggest cinema in Indonesia, is full of luxury looking beds to replace the normal seats. They have prepared the small side table for you to place your items and food. Blankets and pillows to keep you comfortable and warm in the cinema. This is a way to relax and could enjoy your favourite movie after a hustle and bustle day. 2. IKEA bedroom Cinema, Moscow, Russia Have you ever walked into IKEA and felt like having their bedroom as yours? Cuddling with your loved one, small talk, watch a movie maybe? Well, your daydreaming comes true in Russia! The IKEA themed cinema is located in Mother Russia. It decorated exactly like what you saw in IKEA. IKEA-Lovers will love this place!

3. Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon, Thailand

This cinema is not only provided bed for you, you can also experience their luxury services. You can enjoy massage chair and sit the bar lounge before the movie start. While the waiters will serve your order at your bed side. 4. Cine de Chef, Seoul, Korea Ever felt like the normal cinema seat is not comfortable for you to enjoy the movie? Especially when the space is too small for you to have a comfortable position to watch movie. This cinema is designed to let you have your feet up, lean back and enjoy the movie on a wider screen. You will never get disturbed by the one who always kick your back.

5. Electric Cinema, England

This cinema can let you choose to sit in armchair or sofas or even lying on the wider beds with your friends and family. Normally the front row of cinemas are the worst but no worry for this cinema as it filled up with wide beds that make sure you will not come out with sore neck.