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Warning : Some spoilers ahead!

Get Out was released on February 24, 2017 directed by Jordan Peele, who is known by most as one-half of the comic duo, Key and Peele. This came as a surprise to most of the movie’s viewers because for a comedian to produce such a complex and intriguing plot for something as challenging of a genre as a horror thriller is magnificent.

The premise for Get Out is extremely simple, Chris, an African-American decides to visit Rose, his Caucasian girlfriend’s parents for a simple relaxing weekend getaway at the suburbs that they live in. The family seems normal at the start, none of them even pointing out what Chris thought would be mentioned upon seeing him which is his skin color. However, as more and more of guests appear for the Armitages’ annual get together, things change and start becoming increasingly more disturbing as Chris realizes that there is more a sinister aspect to their family than meets the eye.

First off, this movie has been confirmed to be a portrayal of the subtle or liberal racism that plagues a lot of African Americans currently in America. Despite many claiming to be open-minded and accepting of others, there still lies undertones of subtle racism in many people’s conversations about other races and that I think that is what Peele was trying to demonstrate here. For example, the scene where Chris meets Rose’s extended family and all they ask him about is his body and his superior genetics, for the movie’s plot it was to gauge his body’s condition but in real life, that’s the kind of stereotyping that some people do that they do not realise unconsciously makes people uncomfortable. We always have scenarios where we stereotype people we don’t know by just seeing how they act or look.

Secondly, the plot is phenomenally written and directed very well by Jordan Peele. I would never have expected the plot to be something so unique and different. The acting was amazing as well, with all the actors getting deep into their characters and portraying their roles extremely well. When we first meet Rose, she seems to be on Chris’s side, always defending him and telling him he has nothing to worry about because her family is super liberal and welcoming. We, the movie watchers are all the more happy for Chris when it is true. Chris had voiced his concerns to Rose prior to the meeting about her parents and he feared that they would not accept him. They seem nice and extremely enthusiastic to meet him except Rose’s brother who was always a little too physical with Chris, always questioning his physical stamina and his genetic makeup.

However, there is still an unsettling terror plaguing Chris, especially during his first encounter with Georgina, one of the house’s black servants who always seems to be speaking in a monotone, almost robotic way with a smile that looks forced and extremely vacant eyes which unsettles Chris.

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Walter who is another servant there is equally creepy and robotic and Chris tries many times to no avail to connect with them, but it is obvious to Chris that something isn’t right with them. After some time, even we the audience feels creeped out at how weird Rose’s family is, the more they try to fit in with Chris, the more Chris feel alienated amongst them. The guests openly race-related statements throw Chris off even more and he desperately wants to leave but is comforted by Rose.

There was a ray of hope for Chris when he meets Logan during the Armitages’ annual get together. Chris is enthusiastic and greets him saying that “It’s good to see another brother around here” but Logan’s demeanor and way of speech is as odd as Georgina and Walter’s and this moment is the essential one that makes Chris realize that something is wrong.

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Peele makes use of a lot of imagery in the movie to show the underlying racism that actually exists within the Armitage family, such as the use of a teacup by Missy which in the past, was used by slave owners to call their house slaves. The silver spoon that is used by Missy as well is symbolic as well. The symbolism comes from the term “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” which is used to talk about those that were born into a wealthy family which is what Rose and her family are.

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Another important piece of symbolism that was used in the movie was the cotton that Chris uses to block out his ears during Missy’s hypnotism that was used to get him to pass out. We are all aware of the Old South’s primary slave labor which is cotton. That symbol of slavery unintentionally became Chris’s method of escape. Even earlier on we get subtle hints on the covert racism within the house which was when Dean was giving Chris the house tour, he mentions that the basement was closed due to black mold which can be seen as a double meaning for black people being the mold in society.

There are an abundance of imageries and symbolism sprinkled throughout the movie which you’ll just have to watch to find out. The director himself has stated that the movie should be watched a number of times to notice certain extra details in the background or clues in the actor’s portrayal. The atmosphere and tension in the movie starts off slow and builds up really well throughout the plot. Overall, it is a great horror movie on the reality of liberal racism in America and it serves as a wake-up call for all of us to see the realities of the world and how the issue of racism still exists even if our world has advanced and progressed radically. 

Rating : 9.5/10

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