IT 2 Review

IT 2 was released 2 years after its predecessor, IT (2017) on August 26, 2019, this time being directed again by Andy Muschietti who did a fantastic job with the first IT. This sequel acts as the terrifying conclusion to IT. However, there were times where the film felt long and overdrawn unlike its predecessor.

The movie starts off 27 years later, where the members of the Losers Club are asked to reunite by Mike who has never left Derry and has witnessed the return of Pennywise, after its long slumber from the first time The Losers Club battled him.

There were some great parts to the movie. First off, the acting was phenomenally done, props especially to Bill Hader because this was his first serious Hollywood movie role. He played the loud-mouthed Richie where he  always managed to lighten the tense atmosphere most of the times, giving the audience some laughs to recover from the movie’s numerous scares.

Bill Skarsgård as well, did a fantastic job reprising the role of the demonic clown terrorising Derry, which is Pennywise the Dancing Clown. His ability to morph his facial expressions so realistically and quickly really left viewers on edge. It was thanks to that portrayal that we were able to feel as if we were part of The Losers Club as well. There was never a moment where the viewer felt unafraid of Pennywise, due to the brilliant way Skarsgård portrayed him.It Chapter 2 GIF

The child actors too did a great job at their roles, bringing the audience tons of laughs during their scenes. The cast for the adult versions of the children were also done well, with most of them bearing an uncanny resemblance to the younger actors. The personalities and mannerisms too were able to be brought to life by the older cast which was amazing to see. It truly did not feel like two actors playing one role.

It was a great movie however there were just too many moments where the endless CGI scares ruined the sinister mood that was being built up. There were certain moments that could have been cut out in the movie to let the movie’s pacing flow better and the scares to land well but because of the movie’s almost 3 hour long runtime, the scares after sometime got quite repetitive and it wasn’t as scary anymore to see some of the obviously CGI-generated ghouls. pennywise it chapter 2 GIF

IT 2’s predecessor did really well in the box office due to the overall pacing and well-crafted scares that did not appear every 10 minutes. This movie could have scored much higher with audiences if there were less CGI jump scares and more unsettling background appearances of Pennywise just to unnerve the audience a little.  The director should try to follow The Conjuring’s lead and not rely on a lot of jump scares to successfully scare audiences because sometimes, less is more. This movie is thrilling for sure, but due to its long runtime and certain unnecessary lengthy scenes, it felt a little boring at times.

There were also certain scenes where it could have been really terrifying but due to the over-the-top CGI characters, it ended up looking funny, almost like the characters came out of a child’s book or a low budget movie. The effort at creating the characters can definitely be seen but it would have been better if there were less usage of CGI and more build up of tension to keep viewers on edge.

Overall, it was a pretty solid movie to watch due to the brilliant performances done by the actors and the overall tone of the movie. It is better than most horror movies that have been released. It is hard to adapt a novel of 1100 pages into a 3-hour movie while still retaining important parts in the novel but this movie did a pretty solid job.

Rating : 6.9/10

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